What is Practical Agile?

Geetham software Pvt. Ltd. Practical Agile is a non-dogmatic, lightweight approach that combines top-notch skills, a well-defined process, and exceptionally close collaboration with customers. The core of our technique is the rapid development and delivery of working software, and the gathering and incorporation of customers’ feedback on the result. We adapt our Agile principles to our customers’ corporate culture and environment, and to the way they do business. Our experienced team members make the difference. Our Business Analysts are crucial to this process, breaking tasks into reasonable pieces that both clients and developers can understand. Technical Leads, experienced in business needs as well as in the latest technology, keep each development cycle on track. Members of the development team can be distributed geographically as their leads handle coordination, leaving developers free to focus on development.

Our Skills

–The core objective of our company is to build up high-end technologies and knowledge intensive Application and products

E-Government 80%
Industrial Automation 90%
Application Development (IT & ITES) 90%
Website design 100%
Marketing and Consultance Services 75%

Welcome to Geetham Software Private Limited.

About Geetham

Geetham Software Private Limited is a technological pioneer & emerging leader, engaged in providing Unique Identification based solutions. Leveraging on its State-of-the-art Technology, Resource rich R&D centre and Logistics dynamics, Geetham Software Private Limited has been able to provide unique solutions for various e-governance project undertaken by Government of India. These solutions has empowered Government agencies, Corporate & Citizens alike in the field of National Population Registry, Socio Economic and Caste Census etc., Geetham Software Private Limited integrates and streamlines the database available with the government which helps in decentralized model of monitoring and controlling, providing secure, valid and authenticated data. These elements are proactively analyzed and are designed to march relentlessly towards the vision of the company.


To provide good quality services to our valuable customers who made us a values in our system

Provide all customer to be satisfy at all aspects

We lead through innovation, quality and efficiency.

We accept all of drawbacks and improve our customer relationship.

To develop knowledge intensive products and innovative solutions for highly progressive and strategic areas.

To distribute customized services, for meeting global standards.

To facilitate capacity building.

Lead through innovation, quality and efficiency

We accept all of drawbacks and improve our customer to be satisfied.

To create and deliver intrinsic and extrinsic values for our clients.

To construct and nurture good ethical practices, absorbing best business practices and inculcate value systems.

To provide effective, efficient and collaborate solutions and services to our clients for connecting perfectly.