Why Geetham Software Private Limited?

  • Our customer centric focus provides highly cost effective
    and quality service and solutions.

  • Experienced and professional team with high global
    outsourcing expertise.

  • Transitioned and managed various projects which include
    Software Development, Web Designing and etc.

  • Certified operation and quality management team

  • Consistent high quality performance delivery through
    six sigma tools
    Some of our Software Projects Details in Web, Windows and Mobile based applications Developments:

  • All types of mobile application developments in Android, IOS, Phone cab & etc..

  • Online Application developed in PHP ( Core PHP, Laravel, Code-ignitor, Megento, Word press)

  • Transport & Travel Administration & maintenance Software. .

  • Hospital administration and Maintenance Software


Client Registration

  • . Automobile industries administration and Maintenance Software Development.

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management Software

  • Textiles administration and Maintenance Software.

  • Bio - metric access systems with Aadhaar link verification Software's.

  • All type of website and Control development.
  • All kind of administration, Management and billing software.

  • e - Commerce's Web and Windows Software.

  • GPS- Tracking & Solutions in web, windows and mobile based applications.

  • ERP solutions to Automobile industry and Industries.Accounts and Maintenance software.

  • Production error monitor Software.

  • Hotel administration and Maintenance Software.

  • Employee payroll System. And Etc...

  • Hostel administration and Maintenance Software.

  • College administration and Maintenance Software.

  • School administration and Maintenance Software.

  • Industries administration and Maintenance Software.
  • Scanning and printing software.

  • ERP solutions to Automobile and all industries

  • Employees administration & Maintenance Software.

  • ERP solutions to Automobile industry and Industries.

  • Bar-code & QR-code based all kind of administration and Maintenance software's.

  • Super Market administration, Maintenance & Billing products developments.

Companies & Automobile Industries Projects:

  • RPMS-Robot production automatic system

  • EPS-Error proofing system in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) & CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machines.

  • ILVS-NGVS Pick to light system & Putting light system & trolley tracking system.

  • SPC- supplier portal control (software production system)...

  • Production declaration system and SQL to Sap integration...

  • Embedded micro controller for handling manufacturing machine...

  • EPS-Error proofing system in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) & Part trace-ability and rally tracking systems

  • Data capturing and Door access systems.

  • ERP solutions to Automobile industry and Industries.

  • GPS tracking solutions in Web, Mobile and windows based applications.