GeethamSoft Pvt Ltd.offer various services to the Publishing sector which involve conversion of journals, books and, newspapers from paper form to digital form. The typical formats are .DOC, .PDF and .RTF. This makes the content accessible and searchable. Various prepress activities of digital typesetting are executed using both industry standard and contemporary tools such as MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign and LaTeX. The print-on-demand services offered in this sector help clients to generate, manage, store and print data at short notices along with digital automation of graphic arts printing process, document design, color personalization, customization, repurposing and content customization, repurposing and finishing that reduce costs.
Adopting the best technology, GeethamSoft Pvt Ltd. specializes in content portability by bringing the print copy of the newspapers as an exact replica on to the Web. This enables the publishers to reach out to online subscribers and all portable devices; thereby enhance the subscription base.