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Chip Smart Card Access

control system

In todays security conscious world, facility executives need an effective yet easy means to protect their facilities and business. The answer for corporate, manufacturing and institutional executives alike could be as simple as a one-card approach -- using a smart card. For companies that choose a card access control solution, but are using different systems at different facilities can create complications. This can cause confusion when trying to track which cards access which facilities. Tying them together requires integration between various access control systems and single smart card. Card readers are placed wherever a company determines access must be tracked. Todays electronic access control options include a wide variety of card readers that are hard-wired to control panels, which are then hard-wired or networked to a host computer containing one or more security databases. Geetham Soft helps work through the challenge of selecting the right technology for a specific situation. Geetham Soft has a range of cards that incorporate technologies to meet all types of business requirements from 125KHz proximity cards to 13.65MHz smart cards with or without magnetic strips and RFID cards. A suite of high quality access control readers deliver maximum choices to meet all project and card requirements. Cards and readers can be programmed and assembled to work within the master plan, operational, performance and budgetary objectives.

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