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QR Code Smart Card Access

QR Card Access

The concept behind QR smart cards is to have customized mobile micro-sites; each containing unique content and accessible online via a QR code that can be added to a variety of print media. To achieve this, we developed a platform to generate unique QR codes and a custom content management system (CMS) which allowed each mobile website to be customized in terms of design, content and additional features (i.e. galleries, videos, maps, interactive surveys and so on). The core feature of the project was the generation of QR codes bound to specific micro-sites. We implemented a solution that allowed each unique website domain to be embedded in a QR code. Users who scanned the code using their mobile device’s QR reader could then access the mobile website directly. We also developed a custom CMS that allowed different design customization options, providing each mobile website with a unique appearance. Using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities, like gradients, rounded corners, web fonts and so on, we implemented the option to change the website’s background, header and footer colors, logo, button backgrounds, icons, font size and style.

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