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Cart Goods Billing System

Analysis, Marketing

The aim of Geethamsoft is reducing man power effort and saving time to the customers with hi-tech billing system. It proposes a new advertisement and shopping guide system for large supermarkets based on wireless sensor network. The wireless touch panel integrated in the shopping cart can automatically broadcast the commodities advertisements when the cart moving in the large supermarket. At present situations, selection of goods based on price list, counting of goods, total calculation of the goods require more man power efforts and time. It elapse the highly valuable time of human. Customers will select the products and selected products will be dumped in the trolley and finally they will go for billing process. Here the customers should wait for hours together for billing purpose. It leads to waste of time. Consumers can easily search the commodity they need with the help of electronic guide service (led direction) and bar code or RFID reader collect number of goods collection periodically for billing. This is the easy way to purchase goods in any retail stores. Here we will be using RFID technology, PIC microcontroller, Tarang module, LCD screen, RFID tags, RFID reader and Touch panel. With the help of all these equipment we are building a new system for easy assistance.

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